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Dealing With Trauma

Listen to and take care of your body. You should get regular medical checkups, see a doctor when necessary, maintain hygiene and learn to compensate for any physical limitations. A key ally in your strengthening resilience is your brain. It is worth highlighting at the outset that the brain is resilient. The brain has the… Read More »

Head Trauma and Brain Injury

The analogy of an egg can give you an idea of how serious brain damage can take place without much – or even any – outward sign of damage. Think of the cranium – all the bones that hold the brain – as being like the shell of an egg with the brain like the… Read More »

Traumatic Brain Injury

The management of traumatic brain injuries involves acute treatment to minimize the risk of acute complications, prolong recovery phase to hasten recovery and healing, and occupational therapy to reduce the risk of any future injury to brain that may lead to catastrophic events and to help in stabilizing the patients to live their life independently.… Read More »

Trauma and Codependency

Childhood Trauma Childhood itself may be traumatic when it’s not safe to be spontaneous, vulnerable, and authentic. It’s emotionally damaging if you were ignored, shamed, or punished for expressing your thoughts or feelings or for being immature, imperfect, or having needs and wants. Some people are neglected or emotionally or physically abandoned and conclude they… Read More »