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Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

Before using the oil, you need to know that it should be avoided by people who have epilepsy and by pregnant women because it can lead to high blood pressure that can be dangerous. Also, before using the oil, make a point of testing and looking out for any negative skin reactions. It should also… Read More »

Choose an Oil Diffuser

There are various diffusers available in the market today and we need to choose one that completely fulfills our preferences. Two most popular diffusers are listed below: Ultrasonic Diffusers: These are one of the best oil diffusers available in the market. These diffusers use water along with the oils so that a cool mist of… Read More »

Lavender Oil Exposed

Instead Of Asking What Lavender Can Do, Let’s Ask What it Can’t! Many essential oils are noted for very specific properties and claims. People will commonly ask, “What is lavender oil used for?” This question should only be asked if you have a LOT of time on your hands, because the list of common complaints… Read More »

Lemongrass Essential Oil

The benefits The lemongrass essential oil comes with a number of benefits to health. It supports and boosts healthy digestion It soothes muscles and tendons that are aching It purifies as well as tones the skin It relieves depression and that heavy feeling most people feel when they are emotionally or mentally disturbed It relaxes… Read More »