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Understanding Depression

Lesser seen, but still sometimes present symptoms may include delusions (a view or belief that is strongly held despite overwhelming evidence or proof to the contrary), hypersomnia (sleeping too much, or oversleeping), and sometimes even hallucinations (seeing, hearing, smelling or tasting things that aren’t really there). As if these symptoms were not serious enough on… Read More »

Depression In Older Women

Hormonal fluctuations and the general biological and emotional makeup of a woman often lead to the signs of depression to be higher in women than in men. While some people contend that it is just that women tend to talk more about their feelings and hence are known to be more depressed, it is not… Read More »

Secret to Mind-Body Healing

When depression continues for 3 weeks or longer, it is considered clinical depression, generally requiring professional intervention for healing. The untoward effects of underlying, untreated childhood trauma may be difficult to diagnose and treat, as even the person living with it may not be aware of the fact it is in their past, or the… Read More »