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Autism Affects Communication in Children

Communication development happens more slowly and differently for children suffering from autism spectrum disorder. Sensory challenges connected to the disorder often make autistic children seem more interested in the environmental sounds. These include whirring of the ceiling fan or vacuum cleaner. They find these sounds more recognizable than that of people talking. In fact, autistic… Read More »

Vitamin B6 in the Treatment of Autism

Research on vitamin B6 to treat children with autism began in the 1960s. British neurologists AF Heeley and GE Roberts, in their research, claimed that abnormal metabolites were detected in the urine of 11 of the 19 autistic children observed, after a tryptophan load test. A single 30mg vitamin B6 tablet normalized their urine. No… Read More »

Importance of Early Diagnosis of Autism

Autism, till very recently, was considered as a lifelong disability and was repeated in almost all definitions of the ailment. Diagnosis was thus purposely delayed even if all the symptoms were there. The reason was to ensure that the children were stable at the time of diagnosis and don’t change over time. In many cases… Read More »

Technology Can Help Children With Autism

Enhance verbal skills with apps Researches by several nongovernment, scientific and advocacy organizations that fund awareness programs, have claimed that more than 25 percent of autistic children are largely nonverbal. The rest are usually low-functioning communicators. For such children, there are apps known as “visual scene display” that help children who are struggling with their… Read More »

Manage Challenging Behaviours In Childhood Autism

When older, my husband would every day ‘tail’ Jon to school to make sure he got there safely. As it was only a couple of empty no through roads to cross from home to school, Nick noticed that Jon would wait until there was a group of pupils crossing the road, before he would cross… Read More »