Risk Factors of Hoarding

By | March 21, 2019

Hoarding is mainly associated with older individuals but it can strike anyone at any point in their life. Often many hoarders begin to collect items event at adolescence. The items that maybe included in the mix that an adolescent might collect are old school papers, junked appliances, pencils that have been broken, or toys are not of any particularly useful quality or shape. If you can pick these patterns up early enough in a child you can hopefully stop them from getting progressively worse late on in life. All this requires is a little observation from a caring teacher or parent. Going along with this is the personality of an individual might place a possibility of a chance on them hoarding.

Personality can actually define a person who might have a remote possibility of a chance that they might have a susceptibility to hoard items. Many times a person who is indecisive might be a potential hoarder, since they cannot discern what circumstance, item or event is more important than the last. Due to their indecisiveness many people are not willing to deal with the lack of consideration that the potential might have and leave them for a better opportunity. This might make the individual lonely, and become more withdrawn from others, a feeling of isolation might take place where a gathering of items can occur, therefore making the person a comfort hoarder. Another critical factor in why people hoard is due to specific events and family associations.

Many people begin hoarder due to an introduction or affiliation with a relative that hoards as well. That means in many cases there tends to be a susceptibility towards hoarding in many families, and different circumstances might bring out the tendency in that individual. Another critical factor is life events that might trigger the individual to hoard is a stressful life event. Examples of said life event might be a sudden loss of a loved one, the loss of a home, or another circumstance that could have resulted in them losing all of their worldly possessions due to a travesty at their property.