Holistic Health and Complementary Therapies

By | January 19, 2019

It is important here to point out that holistic health is not some new revelation that has only just emerged and been made accessible to the public. It encompasses ancient arts of healing that can be viewed as the original forms and expressions of medical practice. With the rapid expansion of the medical and pharmaceutical industries during the latter half of the twentieth century and their increasing alignment to profit rather than health, holistic health practices were widely disparaged and dismissed as “quackery.” More recently, however, there has been resurgence in attention to and interest in holistic health practices. A more informed public is increasingly becoming aware that holistic health solutions offer safer alternatives to the abrasive ingredients found in pharmaceutical drugs, without many of the harmful side effects associated with the latter. An individual who opts for holistic health treatments can access a reasonably priced health solution that is often both effective in dealing with their ailments and safeguarding their existing state of health.

Of course it is not being suggested health solutions are a panacea for all medical problems; the medical industry has indeed provided solutions for some of the most deadly contagions in the world. Holistic health solutions should be viewed not as alternatives but as complementary therapies that enable those who apply them to still benefit from the best options and advances that the medical industry has to offer while maximizing the odds of improving and maintaining long-term and high quality health within a reasonable budget. It is often stated that health is more important than money but this argument seems less convincing for those who are about to lose their homes in order to meet exorbitant medical costs. Choosing holistic health routes not only helps to conserve money in these times of uncertainty and financial insecurity, but also provides safe and effective solutions for improving and safeguarding our health.