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Role Of an Occupational Therapist

The therapist first studies the patient behavior, his environment and situation, then creates a plan for his problem. To cure every patient is a different task because each one has his own issues. To understand their problems and giving solutions is the job of a therapist. Its always a tough task for an occupational therapist… Read More »

Respiratory Therapists

The role of respiratory therapists in a healthcare setting is to assist patients with lung-related diseases depending on the level or degree of illness they have. Many of these therapists are assigned in the Intensive Care Unit or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the ER or Emergency Room. Patients range from having common asthma… Read More »

Solve Your Upper Back Problems

What about of the upper back? Well, your upper back can always get out of alignment rather quickly if you hunch your back in certain positions. The primary cause of upper back problems is due to hanging your head forward to look at your computer screen or when you are looking forward to drive. Upper… Read More »

Meniscal Tear Physical Therapy

Once a confirmation of a tear is revealed, it is up to your personal medical doctor to determine the next series of steps that will help your knee recover. Most often, these series of crucial steps will require the person to seek medical surgery to repair the meniscal tear. These series of crucial steps are… Read More »

Lisp Speech Therapy

When your tongue is in the resting position, it should be behind the front top teeth or the front bottom teeth. Your tongue should never rest between your teeth. The only time your tongue should protrude between your teeth is when you are producing words with the /th/ sound, such as “think” and “thank you.”… Read More »

Strategies for Physiotherapy

Now, what exactly can you expect when you have a back pain and need to go to a physiotherapist? Everyone is different and looks at things with their own unique perspectives, ideas, and past experiences. So, first consider what you as an individual need. The next thing to look at is the therapist themselves. There… Read More »

Body Repair With Physiotherapy Exercises

In physiotherapy, a comprehensive approach is adopted which checks for the cause of impairment, understands the severity of the disability, and then deciding the level of physiotherapy treatment to be given. Plenty of research is being done in the subject of physiotherapy and the demand for professionals in this line of treatment is ever growing.… Read More »

Speech Therapy Worksheets

It is not enough to simply send your child to see a licensed speech pathologist once or twice a week. Parents also play an extremely vital role in helping their developmentally challenged children overcome their speech delay. By devoting just a little bit of time each and every single day with your child, you can… Read More »

ACL Injury

Non-contact Injuries vs. Contact Injuries When the ACL sustains forces beyond its capacity, tearing or rupture of the ACL occurs. The injury is commonly incurred from one episode, although repetitive strain to the ACL may also cause the injury. The ACL is injured mainly through two mechanisms of injury: non-contact and contact. Non-contact injuries The… Read More »

Knee Pain and Running

Iliotibial Band Syndrome IT band syndrome is caused by the IT band flicking back and forwards over the bony outer part of the knee. The more this happens, the more inflamed, swollen and painful it is. Common symptoms include: Pain at the outer knee. Pain is commonly worse when running downhill. Pain will often come… Read More »