Bipolar Disorder

By | March 20, 2019

On the contrary, depressive state is characterized by hopelessness and deep sadness in the person suffering. It leads to loss of energy and loss of interest in the activities the individual once found pleasure in. The suffering person can end up sleeping too much or having very little sleep and suicidal thoughts can crop up. Many will even attempt suicide when the depression is too deep. The mood shifts can be quite severe and those suffering from the bipolar disorder will have trouble dealing or managing their everyday lives. It could lead to poor performance at work or school and can even have problems handling their personal relationships.

Whether suffering from the depressive or manic states of this disorder, there is a greater need to find the right treatment to keep the moods in control. The treatment can be a combination of counseling and the use of medications. The doctors will usually treat the symptoms using drug sets. Some patients will require maintenance drugs to help maintain steady moods over a longer period of time. The treatment can include mood stabilizing drug coupled with psychotherapy. In this case, the drug treatment is used primarily but the psychotherapy is done on an ongoing process so as to help the patients cope with this condition.

Medications are the other treatment options with the condition. Some patients might need to stay on the medications all through their lives. The cases will however depend on the severity of the condition. Therapy is another great treatment for patients suffering from this disorder. It gives them the chance to talk about their feelings, behaviors and thoughts. The discussions can be quite helpful in getting to the root cause of the problems that could be responsible for the occurrences, especially when suffering from a depressive state of the disorder.

In bipolar mania, the doctors will be more inclined in controlling sleeplessness, irritability, hostility and hyperactivity. Antipsychotic drugs will be used and mood stabilizers can be prescribed too. In bipolar depression, antipsychotic and anticonvulsant medications can be used individually or as a combination. The main goal of this treatment is to modulate the moods without risking triggering manic episodes in the process.

Bipolar disorder can get quite bad if left untreated. With the many possible treatments, it is advisable to find help as soon as the disorder shows signs and symptoms. The sooner it is managed, the better it will be for the patients.