Become More Mobile After a Stroke

By | March 20, 2019

Do Daily Exercises

After a stroke, walking from one end of the room to another becomes very difficult. A single leg or both legs can become paralyzed, making it much harder to take even a few steps. One way to activate the muscles again is to do little exercises like clenching and massaging. It might seem silly at first but these small steps can eventually result in full body movements.

Purchase an Electric Wheelchair

Walking long distances can be exhausting, even more so if you have had a stroke. While doing small walks during the day is a good idea for stroke patients, it might be necessary to purchase an electric chair for long distances. A good chair should allow you to maneuver around sidewalks and street corners and it will allow you to take part in outdoor excursions.

Get Motivated

It can be easy to lose motivation and wallow in negativity after you have had a stroke. But it is important to take on the right attitude and not beat yourself up at not being able to walk properly. The entire process takes time and little victories should keep you motivated and positive.

Walk with Friends

Being the only one in your family to have had a stroke can make you feel isolated and alone. It is a good idea to connect with other stroke patients and to walk together. They will understand exactly what you are going through and you can motivate each other to keep going and keep walking.

Get a Cane

Once you become more accustomed to walking, you can wean yourself off of your electric chair and use a cane. A cane can give you the assistance you need to walk quickly while also stabilizing you.