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Role Of an Occupational Therapist

The therapist first studies the patient behavior, his environment and situation, then creates a plan for his problem. To cure every patient is a different task because each one has his own issues. To understand their problems and giving solutions is the job of a therapist. Its always a tough task for an occupational therapist… Read More »

Respiratory Therapists

The role of respiratory therapists in a healthcare setting is to assist patients with lung-related diseases depending on the level or degree of illness they have. Many of these therapists are assigned in the Intensive Care Unit or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the ER or Emergency Room. Patients range from having common asthma… Read More »

Rotator Cuff Surgery Rehab

My story is similar to tha of a lot of people I have talked too. I never had shoulder problems before and suddenly suffered an acute cuff injury. I was advised quite correctly to do some rehab work. Well I didn’t do the rehab and eventually underwent a mini rotator cuff repair. I was then… Read More »

Impact of Autism on the Family

Autism spectrum disorder is not a visible disability. Public, in general, often brands it as “odd” behavior. They assume that an autistic child is just being naughty, or that its parents can’t properly control the child. As a result, many parents don’t take their children to public places. They can’t risk the behavioral difficulties and… Read More »