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ACL Injury

Non-contact Injuries vs. Contact Injuries When the ACL sustains forces beyond its capacity, tearing or rupture of the ACL occurs. The injury is commonly incurred from one episode, although repetitive strain to the ACL may also cause the injury. The ACL is injured mainly through two mechanisms of injury: non-contact and contact. Non-contact injuries The… Read More »


Scoliosis is a lateral (meaning sideways) curve in the spine. So, instead of the spine forming a perfectly straight vertical column, there is a deviation to either side, often forming a ‘C’ shape or an ‘S’ shape (a double curvature). The degree of this curvature can vary considerably, with mild cases being barely visible and… Read More »

Knee Pain and Running

Iliotibial Band Syndrome IT band syndrome is caused by the IT band flicking back and forwards over the bony outer part of the knee. The more this happens, the more inflamed, swollen and painful it is. Common symptoms include: Pain at the outer knee. Pain is commonly worse when running downhill. Pain will often come… Read More »

Hydrotherapy Advice

Hydrotherapy is a brilliant method of treatment for those with injuries. It helps to relieve stress on the joints by decreasing joint compression forces (as there is less gravitational force doing exercises in water opposed to doing them on land). In addition to this, it helps to reduce any swelling around the injured area. It… Read More »

Implement Speech Therapy During The Summer Months

Play In The Sand Nothing illustrates summertime better than sand, whether it is at the beach or in a sandbox in the backyard. While children are playing with their sand toys, take the opportunity to turn it into an activity that will help with their language skills. Bury some small toys in the sand for… Read More »