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How Do Orthotics Work

Orthotics were developed in order to help solve this problem. Orthotics are specially shaped insoles that are placed into your shoes, redirecting the manner in which you place stress on your feet. These insoles are designed to realign your feet and spine in an ideal shape so that every part of your body weight is… Read More »

Autism Affects Communication in Children

Communication development happens more slowly and differently for children suffering from autism spectrum disorder. Sensory challenges connected to the disorder often make autistic children seem more interested in the environmental sounds. These include whirring of the ceiling fan or vacuum cleaner. They find these sounds more recognizable than that of people talking. In fact, autistic… Read More »

Magic of Storytelling

Props ~ use of props, such as photos, train tickets, icecream wrappers, pebbles, leaves and so on help to anchor recall. You can look at them, feel them, smell them, stick them in a scrapbook and use them as sensory reminders of where you were and what happened. Focus ~ try and make a mental… Read More »

Vitamin B6 in the Treatment of Autism

Research on vitamin B6 to treat children with autism began in the 1960s. British neurologists AF Heeley and GE Roberts, in their research, claimed that abnormal metabolites were detected in the urine of 11 of the 19 autistic children observed, after a tryptophan load test. A single 30mg vitamin B6 tablet normalized their urine. No… Read More »

Achilles Pain

Generally Achilles pain can be divided into sudden or gradual onset pain. Sudden pain is usually the result of a tear or rupture of the tendon. Whilst this is not rare, gradual onset pain is more frequent. Pain which develops slowly and gradually gets worse is most often caused by a group of injuries, known… Read More »

Relieving Stress With Aromatherapy

Some individuals wear a pendant that allows them to carry their essential oil blends. Massage the oil into places such as the neck or temples where stress can often accrue. Another way to dispense stress-relieving aromas is to find a small essential oil dispenser and place in one’s workplace. A floral water spray mist scented… Read More »

Risk Factors of Hoarding

Hoarding is mainly associated with older individuals but it can strike anyone at any point in their life. Often many hoarders begin to collect items event at adolescence. The items that maybe included in the mix that an adolescent might collect are old school papers, junked appliances, pencils that have been broken, or toys are… Read More »

Doctors Can Reduce Work Stress

The first step is to make a commitment to living a more mindful, balanced life. This requires a shift in mindset and paying attention to the things that are wasting your time while being more focused on your priorities. If you want to spend more time with your kids or a significant other, spend less… Read More »

Ways To Enable Children With Learning Disabilities

Special children have their brains wired differently from the normal. This is because of indifferent gene expressions and mutations. They come into this world with a very different outlook. Our indices in measuring normal children fall apart when dealing with special children. First accept them as they are. Shower great love on those beautiful souls… Read More »

Mental Check After an Accident

Luckily a lot of accidents aren’t fatal, but what most people don’t think about are the mental effects that often cause more harm than the physical, and can also take much longer to recover from. Even the most minor incident has the ability to cause long term anxiety, fears, and phobias about driving. It was… Read More »