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Essential Oils to Use for Hormone Balance

Most essential oils have multiple uses and benefits and that is true of lavender. It also helps soothe the skin and eases muscle tension. Another essential oil in the adaptogen group is basil. It is good for cooling the skin (think hot flashes) and also for it’s calming and restorative effects. Basil eases the mind… Read More »

Rise of Warming Oils

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Ginger is well known for its ability to heal motion sickness. More than that, it helps expelling the heat from the skin by its warming action. Thus, if you get fever, it should not be neglected in your blend. This is due to its rubifacient therapeutic property, and by generalizing localized increase… Read More »

Osteopathy Courses Information

Osteopathy as a profession is rapidly growing in Australia and all over the world. Work opportunities are available in osteopathic specialties or multidisciplinary practices. Some osteopaths choose to open their own private practice, or go into the teaching profession. Three osteopathy courses are now offered in Australia and as the public becomes well aware of… Read More »

Hamstring Injuries

A number of people may not yet have realised that their hamstrings are not just mere muscles. Before taking a long walk in the outback for example, it’s important to exercise your legs to avoid any injuries or problems. Should one’s hamstring be bunged up, the first thing you can do is apply first aid.… Read More »