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Speech Pathologists

If you have problems with oral motor, cognitive linguistic or language skills that have been affected by neurological events or diseases, had head or neck cancer and injuries or problems relating to under lying diseases, you will need the professional services of a speech pathologist. Additional problems related to speech and communications that are treated… Read More »

Common Speech Disorders in Children

Childhood Apraxia of Speech: This is motor speech disorder in which the brain has difficulty planning and sequencing movement of the articulators, and can result in difficulty producing sounds, syllables and words. The child may be able to internally process what he or she wanted to say, but may struggle to physically coordinate the movements… Read More »

Sprained Ankle Rehab

Most people just use rest and ice and leave it at that for a few weeks or months until they feel better. But, rest and ice are woefully inadequate in terms of building strength and improving range of motion in the ankle joint. How can rest and ice strengthen your ankle? How can it improve… Read More »

Lemongrass Essential Oil

The benefits The lemongrass essential oil comes with a number of benefits to health. It supports and boosts healthy digestion It soothes muscles and tendons that are aching It purifies as well as tones the skin It relieves depression and that heavy feeling most people feel when they are emotionally or mentally disturbed It relaxes… Read More »

Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

Parents may have developed their understanding of autism from the media. Very often, movies and books depict people with autism as having ALL the possible autistic symptoms. These symptoms have become a stereotype of autism. This can be very misleading. When parents look at their child, they say, “That doesn’t look like my child!” As… Read More »

Occupational Therapy

Working With Children In today’s media-saturated society, there are more distractions than ever. It’s no surprise that many children report having difficulty focusing in the classroom. For children with attention-deficit disorder (ADD) or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the challenge can be overwhelming. Discrete, manageable goals can be the bricks of structured learning for children who might… Read More »

Holistic Health and Complementary Therapies

It is important here to point out that holistic health is not some new revelation that has only just emerged and been made accessible to the public. It encompasses ancient arts of healing that can be viewed as the original forms and expressions of medical practice. With the rapid expansion of the medical and pharmaceutical… Read More »

The Scents To Offer Healing And Relaxation

Benefits of Aromatherapy Provide Relaxation Aroma means scent. The beautiful smell of the essential oils of the flowers, fruits & plants has a positive effect on the mind of the patient. This helps in generating the positive energy in the body, thus revitalizing you complete. The overall effect is the complete relaxation of the mind.… Read More »

Essential Oils for Fall and Winter

Aromatherapy and essential oils are a great way to boost your immunity and help with the symptoms of colds, coughs and flus. Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg and Cardamom oils are all comforting, warming and energizing. We recommend you use these oils with a diffuser or by diluting them with a carrier oil (such as grape seed,… Read More »

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding causes may be physical or psychological. Doctors suspect that stress is particularly to blame because it disrupts a person’s sleep. People may subconsciously grind their teeth in an effort to vent anger, anxiety and stress. Dislocated jaw joints or misaligned teeth are physical issues that can cause excessive grinding. Vitamin deficiencies can also… Read More »