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Cure For Stuttering

Fluency Shaping as a cure for stuttering involves the implementation of strict therapy procedures for the patient. It follows a structured plan that will help the patient eliminate the stuttering completely. Fluency Shaping is based on the clinical belief that stuttering occurred because the speech systems are not anymore working properly. This means that the… Read More »

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Medical Massage VS. Relaxation Massage It is important to understand the distinction between medical massage and relaxation massage. While both may have some medical benefits, a medical treatment will be designed to help with a particular problem. You may call yourself to schedule relaxation massage at a day spa, resort, or beauty school. Lots of… Read More »

Minimum Effective Dose and Manual Therapy

The phrase minimum effective dose has become popularized by Tim Ferriss in his book The Four Hour Body (recommended read). Tim’s definition of the minimum effective dose is – the smallest dose that will produce the desired effect or outcome. I liken the phrase to a biohack, although the minimum effective dose must be effective… Read More »

Adjunctive Therapy

Ultrasound therapy can be delivered either via a contact approach, in which the probe is placed in direct contact with wound surface, or via non-contact (mist therapy), in which continuous ultrasonic energy is delivered to the wound via atomized saline solution. Indications Adjunt for chronic or recalcitrant wounds Contraindications Untreated osteomyelitis Active bleeding, profuse bleeding… Read More »